Our own little brief

Last week we had a meeting with the students from the FD Drama group, they have decided to create there own company called Linear Theatre. They firstly came to us on the 25th Feb and asked us to create them a logo, which could be used on a multiple of things, letter heads, leaflets, and poster. Pretty much everything. Not every one in my DF class wanted to be apart of the brief so I decided I would take as many notes as possible during the meeting so I knew exactly what they wanted it to look like.
They gave us a week to create the logo. Nathan their tutor, came in on the 5th March to just give his imput to what he wants it to look like, this was extremely helpful. Myself and Andy started playing around with different styles and logos on illustrator. When it came to the second meeting they picked my design and gave me further constructive feedback of how to change the logo to suit what they want. This was quite easy as they only wanted to slightly change the view of the letter ‘L’. During the second meeting they also asked us to create a leaflet for them for an upcoming fund-raising event. Me, Beth, and Jennie said that we would complete the task and have it done for the date they wanted which was 10th March. Firstly me and Jennie looked us leaflet themes and styles, and had a bash at it on photoshop. Beth then created a leaflet which we thought would fit perfectly with the event, but unfortunately didn’t give us a copy so we had to create another similar leaflet, which Jennie did. Thank god, after a few (hundred) email exchanges between us and the Linear lot we have finally finished this brief and the drama students are happy!
I was very happy and proud that we kind of worked through a brief, by ourselves and didn’t need that much tutor input! High-five.
Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 15.32.24


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