Finger silhouettes

Today I have had a lot of fun experimenting with inks, cut outs, and animals. Since easter is coming up very fast and we have a Hughnique event, I decided that I would create finger print illustrations. I was given a brief task by Andy as he thinks we need to have some time away from all our projects and to experiment and play around with styles and techniques. I usually hate going off on my protects as I like to get them completed and finished in the deadlines I set myself in my head, if that makes any sense! But I really did enjoy this, I was given 4 pieces of paper with different words and themes on. I got Marion Deuchars, penguins, Istanbul, and A Lincolyn. I picked Marion Deuchars, and penguins. Marion Deuchars is an English illustrator, who by the way is brilliant. I have really enjoyed looking through her types of styles and work. Anyways since doing Andy’s little experiments I realised I could do other cut out animals and add slight detail like, coloured tracing paper to give it more texture and effect. I really like the designs, not saying they are brilliant or sellable, but I enjoy creating them! However it would be nice to make a few pennies at Hughnique!






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