Zine zine

Yesterday the FD group got split into two teams! Boys vs girls. Does not take a genius to guess who won! Anyway it was me and Jennie vs John, Adam, and Ben, our task was to create a zine, that included a pull out, two images we had taken and it had to be 10 pages long, we first looked at the layout and design, how the zine was going to look and be presented! Once we figured it out we looked at the layout of the pages and what was going were. Our topic was about coffee, which was brilliant! I love coffee! Then we created Pinterest boards were we put quotes, facts, and information about coffee, also pictures! I then researched what are zines and who users them! Which is a lot of people, let me tell you! We got given a deadline which was the same day!! Ahhh! Luckily we finished before the boys and in time, we had a mock up, an official mockup and 5 copies so everyone could look through our zine! It was a complete success! I had a lot of fun doing it too!




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