Paula Scher

Last Thursday I was given a small project about typography! Which I was really excited about, our first task we got given was to create some type illustration on illustrator using quotes from famous graphic designers and typographers! After a few hours of a lot of printing and creating we all represented our work and then talk about it! Once we all found out who was the graphic designer that linked to the quotes we then picked the quote/designer that best fitted to us! So I rushed when I realised I could pick Paula, she is such a inspiration. I have started doing a lot of research about, not just her work but how she got to where she is today and who inspired her and who was not so encouraging! She has been in the graphic design industry now for four decades which is absolutely crazy! I have been looking through a multiple of blogs and websites looking at her history and interviews! They have all been very helpful! I have put all my findings into my sketch book and different note pads!









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