Daily log

Today I was given even more artists by Andy for my Global Areas Within Design. Al Murphy and Paul Davies. They are very creative and lateral, their designs are not just to look pretty they are clever and have depth, with lots of meaning.
Here are there blogs. Which are a real treat to look at.
Al Murphys; http://al-murphy.com/personal
Paul Davies; http://www.debutart.com/illustration/paul-davis#/illustration
I absolutely love Pauls work, its simple, yet eye catching and brilliant. He has so much work that can be seen on his sight and its just a portion of his creative technique. I am a huge fan. He has given me a lot inspiration to use for me.
I have been looking at image bank libarys online which have given me a lot of help, you can put in a tagline, which would be lets say Knowledge, and it will show images that link to knowledge so what cam up was things like ladders and light bulbs.
Rebecca Manley; http://www.rebeccamaevemanley.co.uk/ Describes herself and work as a 3d illustrator. She is very good.
I have also been looking at the word Knowledge, I looked at the quote by Francis Bacon ‘Knowledge is power’. This gave me so much inspiratons, I started looking at the word power and what that actually means and what symbols represent it. I have put all this into my sketchbook as evidence.


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