Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation

Today has been another research day for my Global areas within design brief, I have been looking at analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. I have research each of these words individually and tried to be very lateral and find as many meanings for them as possible.
Analysis to me firstly meant logically breaking down something and finding out everything about it, that how I can best describe it.
You are separating materials and concepts into a more organisational structure so it can be understood.
I looked at the keywords, found some facts from the dictionary and even got some examples, I created a spider diagram as it would be a lot easier to understand what I got from my research.
Synthesis was my next word, this was one that I did struggle with as I had never really come across this term and it was very new to me, so I decided I would try to find the actual meaning before anything else. I used google and their own Thesaurus, I then looked at a few others to give me wider knowledge.
I used a spider diagram to represent my findings of research. I couldn’t find a colour which I thought would represent it which is a shame! I’ll keep looking though.
This was a lot more in my area, as I very well know what evaluation means as its what every or most teaches and tutors use to evaluate our work or projects. I think its when you break down something logically to examine and judge something carefully. I looked at all the terms for this and they are basically all the same, with a similar meanings. I created a spider diagram to represent my findings. I think I am very confident with this research anyway’s!


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