The Six

The six cognitive levels of behavioural complexity in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational

This brief is very open its very strange for me I am used to have guidelines and but no this one is has the kind of motto ‘anything goes’ which is crazy. However I am very exciting. It will definitely get me out of the usual style I follow when doing projects, however I do love routine.
Anyway’s I am going to do further research on the different levels and faces of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I have talked about Bloom’s Taxonomy briefly in a post but I will too go into a lot more detail!
The first objective is Knowledge.
I looked at the definition of Knowledge from the normal term perspective, and then from what it means by Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Once I found the definitions I drew up a spider diagram putting up examples, keywords, verbs, and the actual defined word. From this I know have better and more wide view of what Knowledge means. I looked at colours and what colours I think it best links with and guess what! Its dark blue. Dark blue also represents, power, integrity, and seriousness. I think it fits in perfectly with them words.
Heres my draw up. I find it easier doing things on paper rather than doing everything as this blog as I can easily write down information were ever on the page, however its obviously a different story on here.



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