The application

Here is something that makes all the information I am taking in for my ‘Global areas within design’ brief a lot easier. I found this on a website about Bloom’s Taxonomy.
It’s very useful and helpful, it has given me a lot of inspiration and knowledge!
Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 23.23.26

The next word I am going to look at is Application.
I will again create a spider diagram to represent my findings as it becomes very complicated explaining a lot of things on this! In image can represent a thought words. Hopefully!
Any ho, this was my first findings I found out that on the whole it basically means following procedure, the right methods and techniques, and it can also mean if I am trying to think laterally the application of putting something on something else for example; rubbing Vaseline on your lips, your’e putting an application of Vaseline on. I then found out some of the definitions and key words, I started to notice a lot of the key words linked back to the previous words I have researched! Their key words link and match.
Here is my spider diagram so you can see a better understanding of my findings.



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