The missed out lecture

Okay so I kinda missed this lecture but hey I got all the notes and information I need! I am looking at the 1950s-1959s. I will be looking at all these different areas of this time period.
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First I will be looking at the metaphor Japon created using Godzilla. Godzilla is meant to represent an atom bomb. It was a way that Japan could deal with the history with atoms bombs and how they are dealing with it, and have over come it.
Japan created Godzilla as it was what they thought something that was stronger than any atomic bomb. America then took this idea and created there own take on Godzilla and I personally think America do this a lot, copy original ideas. America was then teaching its own people about atomic bombs and how to survive against one, they taught people to duck and over. Kind of like a turtle. It obviously was extremely ineffective as it would not protect or save them.
They used adverts and cartoons to represent this technique. Children were taught it in class rooms and watching ti on television at home. They thought if it ever happened they would be save. It was using manipulation so people were not scared.
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Japan obviously had a lot of issues with America.
Russia also had problems with America. Russia decided they did not want to be alliances with Germany as they knew Hitler couldn’t be trusted but since America bombed Japan they did not trust America either, nor Britain. Once Germany over taken America and England split it up and America wanted the south as it had beautiful mountains and lakes and was much more prettier. However England got given the north. Russia didnt want any of there land being taken and that is why they built the wall of Berlin. It completely split down the east and south. This happened in the late 50’s.

The Atomic Age
The first atomic bombs ever dropped where in Japan, then America started doing a lot more testing on fake villages and towns, to see the impact and effect it had on the fake models and buildings. It had a audience of people, including soldiers, government personal, and scientist. A result of this was exposure to radiation and many of the people got cancer.
A lot of the general public used to like watching these ‘events’ behind sunglasses which is completely bizarre.
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Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock
Rothko was an American painter who was best known for abstract expressionism however he denied this label and didn’t want to be apart of it.
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