The Pecha Kucha Style

My presentation was today for my ‘When Two Become One’ Project. I was so intense before it! Since it’s a Pecha Kucha styled presentation I had to rehearse each slide as it only last 20 seconds long. I had to create a script which I tried to mimic, I didn’t want to go into the presentation with paper, I wanted to talk completely from myself. I find doing that a lot more natural, words seem to roll off my mouth easier.
I was very happy with everything I done, I don’t think I could have improved anything however I could of made the powerpoint look more pretty. I tried to research every area to a ‘T’!
I was happy with my feed back I received off the class and a view pin points from my tutor. My next move is to put my powerpoint on my blog with my voice put over.

The feed back
I was very happy with all my feedback, they all talk about how clear and well rehearsed I was, could have been more relaxed especially during the start. But I completely understand that, as I was quite nervous. One talks about how good and clever my pictures are and it’s clear I had research to back it up. Time management very good. Which I’m so happy about! I was scared I would keep talking past my new slide. 90% of the feedback also say they liked that I put advertisements in my presentation which links to all my four final images.
I think my feedback shows clearly what I wanted to achieve. I wanted people to follow my thought process of how I tried to create my images. I may have talked rather quite but thankfully it was understandable.
I will put images of all my feedback so you can see each one in detail. I am happy individually with every piece of feedback. Not a fault I could put with one. I am super happy.




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