Degenerate bunch

In todays lecture with Adam Paxman we looked upon a very delicate and touchy subject, World War Two, The Nazi’s, Propaganda, and Degenerate artist. It was very insightful and so interesting. For the first part of the lecture we looked at propaganda not only being used to get men and woman to help fight in the war but in children’s cartoons. Its crazy how many of them are banned and not allowed to be aired, by some big companies too, Disney, Warner Brothers, oh the lot. They all had a role lets say, it was to express that the enemy were wrong, awful, and evil. They did this by using racial comments and slurs. In the cartoons they would take fun out of the enemy and make them look stupid, this would to brainwash any children watching it them we are the super and more intelligent society.

Walt Disney on some of his banned cartoons looked down on the Germans Education on death. It displayed that all German children were programmed to be Nazis and love Adolf Hitler. Also In one of the cartoons, Germany was represented as a fat woman needing to be saved, and Hitler was the knight in shining armour. The fat lady was wearing a Valkyrie which is a strong Mythology. Hitler liked to refer himself and german to legends like the Teutonic Legends which involves characters like Wotan, which is the top god. Hitler liked to tap into many legends. The Nazi’s then came up with the final solution. Which was their plan to get rid of Jews and anyone else that went against Hitler or his views.
In one of the Death Camps was a Doctor called Dr Mengele. He was very deranged and at the time was doing experiments to back up his work to support a dead science. The expedients was to prove that different races were not all equal and some were destined to be greater than others. He did this by doing some horrendous things to twins, disabled people, and anyone who basically wasn’t fit enough to work.
Okay so going back to the propaganda cartoons, but Warner Brothers, Loony tunes did an episode which was based around the importance of scrap metal, especially during the war. Americans also used propaganda in cartoons as they refer Hitler was a ‘Donkeys ass’ in one scene and Americans as superman in another.

The war did come to an end, not when Hitler committed suicide however when he knew he was not going to win the war. So most of the tragic events had ended but America was still fighting a war with Japan. As its well known the japanese are trained to be strong and to never surrender. To surrender is to be dishonourable.
The Americans knew this so they decided the only way they thought they could stop Japan was to drop two atomic Bombs, on two different villages. It was a devastating event, mass killing thousands upon thousands of people, many civilians, woman, and children.
The first was the ‘Hiroshima bomb’ also called little boy, which took place 6th August 1945 and second took place on the 9th August, this one was called Fat man. It was named after Winston Churchill.
Jay Roberts Oppenheimer was the scientist behind the making of the atomic bombs, he was a very clever man and used a lot of Einstein’s theories. He however showed regrets in his later life for being one of the main reasons for mass killings and wished he talents could of been used different. He once quoted from the Hindu Bible ‘I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

Now on a much lighter note, comics! We looked at Jerry Robinson who was the creator of the Joker. He was an artist and the silent Film ‘The man who laughed’ was what inspired him to create the Joker.
Also in 1941 Wonderwoman was created by William, it was a stereotype of a woman, obviously. And then we moved onto Bib Kane who created Batman HOWEVER Bill Finger also took part in his creation but he never really got credit for it.






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