The day we all stood Phill

Today has by far been my most soul crushing uni days I have ever experienced, and looking back I loved it and everything it has taught me. Phill had me over the edge with his ‘constructive’ criticism! Okay I might be milking it slightly but I get touchy!

Okay so firstly I have made a post about meeting this Phill before, it was just before the Christmas holidays! He is a self employed artist. We have even been scheduled to go to his studio, which I have already done one day, today! We was to draw a live model, Andy jones! He was sitting on a chair and had a skeleton resting over the back. We was not to draw it like we was taught with any other live model, oh no! Phill taught us a very old traditional dying method, which I hated I must add, but this has put me in perspective! I now am starting to appreciate what he was talking about today! It was sort of like anatomy we was drawing exactly what we saw and not what we think we see, if you understand me! He is not like any other artist I have met before but then again I’m surrounded by graphic designers and illustrators, they must be more laid back, I guess as Phill was a bit strict and bossy! An artist ay! On the whole it was a painfully good and I’m so glad I have been taught the method and technique!

P.s if you ever read this Phill I do like you I swear!







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