Profound Tension

Okay so I’m not cheating using both words in one post but these advertisement to me, link to both words. I researched the meanings of the words however I didn’t look at how it could be portrayed in advertisement. I first looked at a picture that I think is very profound as its, deep, its holds so much meaning, yet it builds tension as it sets the blame onto the reader without actually saying it, its very clever. Its about global warming, which has a lot of issues around tension and blame. Image

Here is another image which I think is very profound, it holds of lot information, even though its a very simple, strong image! Very moving. Its of a young child and its saying because of our faults she is paying the consequences. Its deep stuff, profound stuff. Image

Another image which I think causes tension is a illustration that has been posted on the internet to send a message. Its the president of the United States, easily sleeping which, a lot of dreams that could cause a lot of tension with the reader. I personally think the whole picture builds tension. From the message is secretly portrays. Image 


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