Advertisement you say?

Yes got the ball rolling! Here is some images of Thought Provoking advertisement that is and has been used in the industry. I think it falls under this category as it basically does what its says, when I look at the images I immediately start to think, and start judging myself and how I behave. Its very strange, but I like it!
First I have a image that has been used as advertisement by the Charity Company ‘People in Need’ Its very striking and puts your mind in perspective how other people live, well not live, survive. The man is holding a Beer, it has the price next to it and under neigh it the a cheaper price of how much water would cost. Its heart chilling. I have a similar image by the same Charity this time another man is holding a designer hand bag, now he could have made them and not have been given the right money that it is worth. thought-provoking-ads-1


Here is another image, I found this on the internet its very in your face and chilling! It’s a man with the Earth as head and he is holding a gun to it, basically due to global warming and everything else we are doing to destroy the planet, we are killing ourselves. Scary but kind of true!Thought-Provoking-Images-about-Global-Warming-001


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