My final designs… Maybe

I have been doing a lot of work for my project with Shirley and completely forgot to upload my page layouts for Andys Paris book project! Well, here’s my first 3 double page layouts. All of the sketches and illustrations are mine, and I have edited them on photoshop and illustrator to either brighten them or darken the lines. This was to make them more visible. I used photoshop to put everything together to create a page. I have been given some feedback on how to improve them, I have been looking at some books and ‘building’ dictionaries, this is a book which tell yous information about certain buildings. E.g. the Eiffel Tower, this is to give me some inspiration! So I haven’t changed them yet but here they are. I am still very pleased with them. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 16.39.38

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 16.39.23

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 16.39.59


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