The new brief

Today we got given a new brief. Its called When two become one. It’s not the song either, I made that mistake! Its about images and how they say nothing. I have been given a number of words including Humorous, Wordplay, Contrast, Compare, Tension, Profound, Thought Provoking, Explore Orientation, Explore Sequence. I will be researching these words in great detail, including images to go with them. I will have to think laterally when I pick four of them words I wish to use in my Presentation, which will be held on the 23th January.
I will be looking at images and examples of visual communication that have been used without text or with a minimal amount of text. I will have to take into account how other people perceive my images!

I will be presenting my final images including researching, using a method called Pecha Kucha. I am going to do all, well most of my research over christmas before I get back to college. This is different from other projects I think, it’s pushing our creativity and scary! But It will make me and the FD students get into shape when dealing with our projects.
I will look at how people in the industry use it in advertisement as well! I think this is a big part of the research area!


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