Paxman’s lecture

This week we looked at the art period Surrealism and Art Deco
Well I am going to be brief as I have already posted this once but it decided to delete itself! Brilliant. Today we looked at many artists and art periods, Marcel Duchdutchamp is a known artist and I quote said ‘art can only last 50 years’ I now under stand why he said this as society changes, technology, and people! People’s perception of art and life changes, it kind of makes sense!
We then went back looking at Sigmund Frued, the fello we looked at two weeks ago! His theory came up about dreams and the id! This got us talking about Art Deco and Dali. I noticed Dali drawn a lot of eggs in his paintings and he couldn’t of just did it for the fun of it! It must of been a message or at least it created a purpose! I researched that the egg could have meant life, or and before birth, something was about to be created and an egg could be anything, very deep stuff! However the egg actually symbolisers hope and love. The egg is bound up to be everything, the egg becomes a motif, it becomes so noticed that people will start to think how come he draws eggs and it has people thinking and being aware!
Dali was an extremely clever individual and very talented however in his lifetime he only sold one painting and I think this could of left frustrated and creatively impotence! Some of his work was classed under Surrealism as he drawn a lot of strange and wonderful things including the melting clock! The clock symboliser that in your dreams time is not a fixed thing, this obviously leads back to Sigman Fraud and his work! Everything links! Strange!!
Art Deco advertised everything and anything, it was world wide and everyone was using it and buying the products! Art Deco was the new and shiny thing that came out in the 20’s and everyone loved it! This was a similar time to the war, soldiers were coming home , and that’s the ones who had limbs missing and there life missing, nearly a whole generation was lost and people didn’t want to think about it, so it was the time to enjoy your selfs, drink more, dance more! They had won the war and this was how they coped!
And going back once again we looked at Rene Magnitte who played with Juxtaposition to create strange meanings!

Pablo Picasso
He used how he was feeling to create many pieces of his work, he has the blue period, a close friend of his had died and most of his paintings were blue, it expressed a lot of his feelings and his work was more personal and subjective! Then he had the rose period. This was romantic and warm and basically the good times!
Rapid and radical things starting changing in Britain! The Edwardian time! The is how cubism came about! This refers to Silvia Plaths Book, Modern victure, it was basically the break down of family’s and the new generation coming through! Then surrealism happened which didn’t just break things up it smashers it up then cubism comes along and smashers everything up a little bit more to create something the audience didn’t understand or like or want to understand as it wasn’t the norm!
Art reflects life and socialisation!
Art is basically nowadays trying to offend people to make them think or do something! That’s modern art!






One thought on “Paxman’s lecture

  1. Well done, Alex! Your “brief” replacement article is actually very long and detailed. Your enthusiasm for the sessions really comes through in your writing. Be careful to check the spellings of artists’ names. You misspelt Rene Magritte, for example. Also, it was Van Gogh who only sold one painting in his lifetime – Dali was extremely successful! Check over the entry once you’ve posted it, or even come back to it later when you’re not so focused on it – a little mental distance from the blog post might help you see any errors. These are quick fixes. Remember to sip your calming lemonade when receiving feedback and constructive criticism. The reflective journal really is shaping up to be very effective indeed, Alex. Overall I’m very impressed!

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