Another lecture

Today in Paxman’s lecture, we looked at the period 1910-1919. We had a number of little pieces of history that had happened on A1 paper on the board! We looked at, Ernest Shackleton, The King Edward 7th death in 1910, Peter Pan book being published, The First World War, and Marcel Duchamp’s funky art work. The task was to then pick something out of the lot on the board, an create your own A1 sheet, it could be a poster, an advert, literally anything! I picked Peter Pan for my main sheet, I done some research about when the book was published, the first time it was performed in the theatre, and the name Wendy! I created an advert poster to try and sell the Peter Pan Book! The whole time around this was very dark, the king, Edward 7th had died the year before and the First World War was taking place so it was a very sad time and Peter Pan was kind of the fall or people to watch and make them forgot what’s happening but one of the most memorable lines in the book/play was words of Peter ‘ death would be a awfully big adventure’ it caused a lot of offence to many people. This was juxtaposition as completely opposite things were happening that didn’t go together!






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