Faces in certain places. THE DEADLINE

The Deadline
Today is the deadline and everything we have done for this project has to be put recorded! Its been one stressful afternoon but all my contact sheets and crop sheets have been printed off and covered by a nice title page, it’s all about the finishing touches. I created my contact sheet using photoshop. Once that was printed out I analysed all the images on the sheets which didn’t take too long. Then I had a crop contact sheet! Which was basically evidence of me using the crop tool on photoshop, so I didn’t just have the cropped images I had a print screens of me cropping the images. I then had to print out the screen prints of me cropping. I had to then analyse again over all my images and contact sheets. I talked about what I liked, what I didn’t, why I didn’t, literally everything and everything and why I did it. Each image to me represents each environment. Once I had all the things I needed to be printed as evidence I then started on my final presentations. I created A3 sized sheets for each environments. I wanted them to show the process the image so I had the original the print screen of the crop, and the actually final image. I used the same layout on each presentation so it look professional. I think from all my images I did explore from a wide range of areas, from taking images in Liverpool, Whitby, and Paris. I have learnt from this project that it’s not what It show in an image but what my interpretation of it is.

Here is images of my analysing my work and it being ready to hand in to Shirley Brown my tutor.





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