19 Hundred – 1909

The Cubism Art Movement
Today in Paxman’s lecture we first talked about the objective truth and the subjective truth! We discussed this by having a group game. This was the end of the Victorian period. As Queen Elizabeth died, her son, Edward 7th however was next to take over on the throne. He was known as the peacemaker. But to make things very ironic, while he was called the peace maker a war was going on in Africa, this is what I call juxtaposition. The war was called the Second Boer war. It ended in British victory. The 3 Boer Republics and British Empire signed a agreement.
While Victoria was on the throne she ruled a quarter of the worlds population. The British Empire was very powerful around this time.
This was the age of elegance and change,technology was adapting and started to be used in everyday life. Mass production on certain projects and objects was also in motion! So a lot of things were starting to change. Everything wasn’t as uptight as the Victorian period, now it was the Edwardian age, it was more relaxed but openly being homosexual was still against the law. Art Nouveau was still very popular with the higher and middle class. Another thing which was hugely popular with the higher classes was the ‘Gilding age, it was the impression of gold, which obviously made objects look very expensive.
Sigmund Freud
Freud was a psychoanalyst of the human mind, he looked at the interpretations of dreams and how childhood experience shape your personality. He looked at the mind wake and subconscious. His theory was that every brain/mind is made up of three different things, Ego, which is the waking brain, which gives you energy to do things. Id, which is your subconscious Sexual, violent, and unknown thoughts. And lastly the Super Ego. This was the part that keeps your Ego and Id balanced.
Freud believed your mind is what makes you, you! He called this Psyche, Psyche was also the greek goddess of the soul, Ancient greek. When he looked at dreams he believed that your subconscious created your dreams, and if they freaky or scary, they are surreal.
Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy was the youngest president of the united states between 1901-1909. He was the 26th president.






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