La Research



I have already did some research in a recent post before about some designers and illustrators. But i’m not stopping there.
Jason Brooks
Brook’s he does fashion illustrations and is a graphic designer. His style and technique is very retro, cartoon like, its been digitally created or edited and you can see this just by looking at his designs! I am not a very big fan of his work, I just dont find that style nice to look at however it suits the area of work he users it in, fashion. But I like fine art, sketches and simple illustrations!

Miroslav Šašek
I absolutely love Miroslav designs and illustrations, he users which looks like a pen technique and paint or even edited online after they have been sketched! I think his work is simple yet lovely, it carries lots of detail and character. It is extremely different from Brooks work as they both use different techniques and have a completely different style.


Miroslav Šašek

Feliks Topolski
Feliks Topolski RA was a Polish-born British expressionist painter and draughtsman, I really like the technique he users, thye are quick illustrations created with using paint. I like his work however I find it really complicated and busy, a lot of things are going on and it complicates his illustrations.





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