Le Paris

Yesterday me and the FD Grapghic students arrived at Paris! We have to take the train to London, then we jumped at the Euro Star to Paris! It took us a good 10 hours to be at the hotel and settled but it was brilliant, during the journey I took lots of pictures of various thing, quotes, illustration, road signs which linked to how I was going to document my adventure! I also brought my sketchpad with me and while I was waiting for trains , queuing, ect I was making illustrations of people in every day life! I was given a project for the FD trip to create illustrations and documentary, by keeping recites, and tickets and putting them into a book which the whole course will be contributing towards! I’m extremely happy with this project! Already got hundreds of photos and pages of sketches, not including all the written quotes and train tickets! We had a lot going on today, bright and early we left to go to the Eiffel Tower, which was just amazing then got two more trains to the Catacombs de Paris! Now that was unbelievable, it was airy and kind of freaky, looking at bone apon bone of human skeletons, it was kind of stomach churning! Then I couldn’t forgot about The Notredame! So beautiful! After a extremely long but eventful train filled day we then went to find the top 10 pubs for artist and illustrators in Paris! Met some strange but funky people!









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