Team Bram

While in Whitby, I was given more than one project it was a collaborative Project with the year two Graphics. Me, Kim, John, and Ben, who are my FD peers were the team leaders. The year two were our designers. I used the brief to set each of our designers what to do. I told them what was needed for them to complete each task and then let them pick which way to present it.
The designers from my view were very difficult, and refused to complete or even attempt to do certain tasks. One task was to interview a Whitby local or a tourist and ask them why they love Whitby and what it has to offer. One of our designers point blank said no, which was a concerning issue, and others just didn’t do it. No one at the minute has sent me any work, which means me and the other team leaders will have to do their project. Difficult times jeewiz.


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