The deadline

On Friday was my presentation for my project ‘getting to know you’. I was extremely happy with it, I presented myself in front of my peers and tutor. I talked about how I researched beth from our speed dating questions to stalking her social networking sites, which I badly did, I used her images to help me draw her and looked at pervious work she had did in college to find out what her technique is. I liked her to the golden he of illustration and you can see this throughout my final design, which was a book and a GIF. The GIF was just a background moving image, the book was my main profile for Beth. I talked about each page and area and then let people ask me questions and look in my book. During the presentation each person took notes and wrote what they thought and if it linked to Beth’s personality. From looking over these mini evaluations I was extremely happy with all my feedback. I don’t think I could of changed anything about the book even if I had more time as I was very pleased with it, actually I might of created a digital version which would of been nice! I found out a lot more about Beth which I was very happy about! I used many technique making the book, which I have posted earlier in the past two weeks! I enjoyed everyone presentations too, so much effort was put in to making there projects and speed dating portfolios! I will make another post with my feedback and images! Overall I am happy and loved this project! Thank god I handed it in on time!


One thought on “The deadline

  1. Excellent blog entry Alex.
    Your commitment to completing the project and achieving a high grade is highly commendable. I look forward to reading your next post with feedback & visuals! Well Done!

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