Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was a art movement which at the time went against many beliefs and values, It was the late 1890’s Victorian time. It was a very prim and proper period, nothing was sexualised and everything was uptight and how it was ‘meant to be’. The men made the living by working and the woman looked after the house and was in charge of the money. When Art Nouveau become popular it changed the view many victorians lived. Art Nouvear was flamboyant, flat, a sense of beauty and sexual. It used a lot of curved lines and has been called the whiplash line, or descriptive line. It appealed a lot to the Middle and Upper Class as it was new and different. Having this styled furniture and art was seen as you being in higher class. All artist around the world at similar times starting creating work using this style it was a movement which was global and lasted longer than most. The movement users styles looking back at classism but then looks forward at new and exciting styles.


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