Getting to know you

Getting hectic with about 12 projects on the go but this one I’m really looking forward to!! For this project with Shirley, I have to research one of my peers. Her name is Beth and I have to use my creative skills to represent her! We took part in a ‘Speed Dating’ task, where we each had 4 minutes to ask as many questions as we could think of, even if they were random ones like ‘scrunch or fold?’. after we completed this task, we then had at least two A2 sheets each, with our questions and answers on. We were then given our partners sheets and had to go through to spot key areas that we felt would need to be within a profile and what would inspire us for when we present. the presentation could be in any form we chose, so this could be 3D, Digital or Mixed Media as long as this linked to our partner.

when I had completed my speed dating round with Beth I first asked her a number of questions, I used this to get enough information about her as possible! Now I have decided from what I have found out about her that I will create and flip book! I won’t go into much detail as I don’t want her finding out but here is my rough idea of what it could look like!








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