Paxman’s do it yourself lecture

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Today in my lecture, my class had to play a quick guessing game, asking and answering questions about what we have learnt in the previous 2 weeks which was quite exciting. Then instead of normally watching paxman linking different areas and people in the 1870’s to 1879 to each other, we had to do it our selfs! We got to choice wether to work in a team or as competitors to see who could find out as much information linking to impressionism in the 1870’s. I decided I wanted to compete with the girls against the boys. From my research I looked at many different websites, I found that first that the first impressionist exhibition took place in Nadar’s Salon in Paris in 1874. The name impressionism came from Monet’s 1812 impression; sunrise that was shown at the Musee Marmottan. The impressionist techniques was developed in the 1860s. They acquired their name in 1874.

I also found out that the first tub of paint all ready mixed to use was created by two Americans, and Alexandra Graham Bell created the telephone in 1874 and the word ‘Hello’ actually came from that phone call. There was no such word as hello before this! Crazy.
In the early 1870’s the bustle was also introduced. A bustle is the back of a dress which bulks it up, around 1874 it was extremely big and heavy, it slowly through the years got smaller and around 1885 bustles were not used on womans dressers.


3 thoughts on “Paxman’s do it yourself lecture

  1. Loving the insightful response to the sessions, you seem to be enjoying them and taking a lot from them. Your knowledge base and enthusiasm has come along way. Loving reading your stuff.

  2. This is a detailed entry in your reflective journal. You are clearly enjoying the different format sessions and challenges, which I will take as positive feedback on lecturing! Well done on documenting the session visually – the recap game was something brand new that I invented for the session, so I’m glad you have reflected on it here. You have also covered a lot of content, demonstrating the very thorough research conducted in the session. Keep up this level of detailed reflection. One point of constructive criticism – Spell check your work before posting your blog entry by dropping the text into MS Word. Once this is checked, drop it back. Good work, Alex.

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